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Posted on Mar 18, 2014

Native Bee Workshop Sunday October 12

Native Bee Workshop Sunday October 12

A Native Bee Workshop was held at the Coastal Environment Centre on Saturday March 1 under the guidance of bee expert Tim Heard.

40 people attended with many more on the waiting list. Attendees were introduced to the genealogy and history of native stingless bees, the life cycle and structure of the hive. In the afternoon they participated in a live demonstration of hive splitting and collecting of honey.

Given the interest shown by locals a second workshop is planned for Sunday October 12. In order to accommodate the expected numbers the course will be run as two half day courses.

In the meantime hives of native stingless bees are available from Ku-ring-gai Council T:9424 0000 or alternatively contact Wild Things by email or online

Image: James Niland