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Pittwater Environmental Foundation

Welcome to Pittwater Environmental Foundation

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About Pittwater Environmental Foundation

Pittwater Environmental Foundation

Pittwater Environmental Foundation was established in 2006 to allow tax-deductible donations, grants and bequests to be made for the conservation and enhancement of Pittwater's natural environment.

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Donate to Pittwater Environmental Foundation

Why donate to Pittwater Environmental Foundation?

Population pressure continues to be major threat to Australia’s unique natural landscapes and environments.

While areas such as Pittwater will never attract sufficient government funding to soften the impacts of urbanization on our natural heritage, donations from local communities and individuals committed to preserving the landscape for future generations can make all the difference.

The Pittwater Environmental Foundation is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and can receive income tax deductible gifts and donations. It is listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations (REO).

We welcome donations, gifts and bequests from private donors. Could you be that person? Make a donation now!


Postal address:
PO Box 78
Mona Vale
NSW 1660

E: contact@pittwaterenvironmental
M: 0439 409 202

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