About Pittwater Environmental Foundation

Pittwater Environmental Foundation was established in 2006 to provide an avenue for supporters to provide donations, grants and bequests to conserve and enhance the natural environment of Pittwater.

Despite Council amalgamation, the Pittwater in the PEF title still refers to the former Pittwated Council LGA.

Living on the edge of a city places huge stresses on our natural landscape. The bushland that surrounds Pittwater is an outstanding natural feature of the area. Much of it pre-dates European settlement. Within Pittwater remnant forest reserves soften the lines of our urban spaces creating a lush relaxed environment. Both areas, however, are subject to encroachment, illegal clearing, weed invasion, feral animals, altered drainage, bushfire hazard reduction requirements and other edge effects.

As a consequence Koala and Squirrel Glider populations have collapsed. 38 species of plants or animals are listed as endangered or threatened along with eight types of bushland also listed.

Our flora and fauna need champions. Could you be that person?
All donations are tax deductible.

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