Suggest a Project

Funding priorities – how are projects chosen?

The Foundation believes that the best long-term environmental outcomes are achieved by funding projects which are integrated with the natural resource management big picture.

To achieve this we work closely with Northern Beaches Council, State and Federal Government and other stakeholders to identify and prioritise environmental issues in our area.

The PEF role is that of decision-making, oversight and review.

Can I ask for project funding?

The Foundation welcomes local community applicants for funds and will greenlight local projects which satisfy our criteria and are considered to be the most effective use of current Fund monies. All proposals should be consistent with Northern Beaches Council’s Environmental Plan and may propose work which integrates and enhances Council projects

The Foundation welcomes submissions for funding.

All donations are tax deductible.


1. Applicants must provide a brief description of the project, including the objectives of the project, the proposed timeframe and cost, capacity of project team to deliver project, Identification of major risks and risk mitigation approaches, details of monitoring and evaluation proposed, the maintenance schedule, and an overview of how the project fits in with the ‘big picture’ for the Pittwater area.

2. All grant submissions should address the following criteria:

  • Is the project to be undertaken in the Pittwater area?
  • Is the project a PEF priority?
  • Is there community support for the project?
  • How does the work proposed represent value for money?
  • Are other groups or individuals undertaking similar work in the specific area?
  • Is the objective achievable in the time frame?
  • Is the proposed schedule, financial reporting regime, maintenance plan achievable?

3. Submissions should be addressed to Pittwater Environmental Foundation, P.O. Box 78, Mona Vale NSW 1660. PEF will invite groups with suitable proposals to submit more detailed project descriptions. or request a meeting with proponents to discuss the project further and to work on details associated with project delivery and timing.

4. Funding and reporting arrangements will be made in collaboration with the successful proponents.

5. The PEF will monitor the project through a financial reporting regime and on the ground inspections. An evaluation report will also be part of the grant conditions